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Luxury Private Tours in The Gold Coast

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It not just a privilege of the rich anymore, a private customised day tour is an affordable way for your family to do a day trip. With small luxury buses available, you'll be transported in comfort to a range of attractions. If your family or party is large, many tour companies will be able to offer multiple vehicles so you can all travel together, saving you money and stress. Some of the occasions for which you can go for a private day tour in Gold Coast are as listed below: Family celebrations: You can give a special surprise to your loved ones by planning a private day tour. Hen's Day: All of your friends can get decked and gang up in a limo for the party venue. Guest transfers: Create an impression by offering them [...]

Australian Boutique Wineries

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Australian wineries are known for producing world-class Shiraz and Chardonnay. But there's more to the Australian wine industry than these traditional varieties. Look a little closer and you'll see Australia creates some of the world's most unique wines. The key to the diversity of Australia's wine industry is the rising popularity of boutique vineyards. These smaller wineries are often run by families or friends brought together by their passion for wine making. Without the large export deals of their more well known competitors, the boutiques can follow their instincts and take more risks to create something truly original. In fact, more tourists are passing over the large labels and seeking out the boutique wineries in their search for that elusive perfect drop. Pfeiffer Wines in Victoria's Rutherglen region creates wines that are popular overseas, but [...]

Summer Wine Tours

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Summer has arrived in the Gold Coast!  Christmas holidays are approaching, flowers have blossomed and delicious food is on everyone’s mind.  We’ve teamed up with three exclusive wineries to chat about some delicious wine and food pairings, with some expert assistance from world-class chefs and sommeliers, so you can learn exactly which wines go perfectly with your meal! It doesn't matter if you are new to the world of wines, or are a connoisseur looking for new ideas - we have some great options for you! The Gold Coast food and wine scene is a veritable heaven for foodies and wine lovers alike. The beachside suburbs are bursting with new flavour experiences, and the hinterland has long been a draw card for those seeking boutique gourmet venues where they can taste-test a range of delicious [...]

Five Must-Do’s on your Gold Coast tour

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Located in the most south-eastern corner of Queensland, the coastal city of Gold Coast is considered as one of the greatest holiday destinations that Australia has to offer. The huge range of different activities and points of interest that are unique to this city will satiate even the most discriminating traveler. What's more, because these attractions and activities offer an almost endless range of choice for every type of traveler, a visit to the Gold Coast may be one of the most memorable experiences you will ever have. To make the most of your Gold Coast tour package, why not indulge in a few of these great places: Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets For travelers who love to collect memorabilia, and even for those who just love to spend time shopping, the Beachfront Markets of Surfers [...]

Hen’s Weekend Ideas

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In days gone by, a hen's night used to be the night that a young, naive bride-to-be would be taken out by her older, wiser peers for a night of debauchery, so she could learn all about what would likely happen on her wedding night. Nowadays, we're a lot wiser when it comes to that sort of stuff, and so the tacky old hen's night of years gone by has fallen by the wayside. In it's place, modern day hen's use the event to have a great time bonding with their friends before life gets busy as a married lady. So, if you are on the Gold Coast, or you are planning to visit the area for your ultimate classy hen's weekend - what are some of the things you can do? Of course, you [...]

Wine Tour

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So you’ve landed on the Gold Coast, but wine is calling your name. Hey, we don’t blame you at all! After you’ve gotten your golden beaches, turquoise waters and the thrills of Gold Coast theme parks, booking one of our wine tours to will let you sample a taste of a different kind of  paradise in the hinterland. From the laid back, country barn-style wineries to the luxurious wineries with sweeping views of the coastline, there is something for everyone. And getting there is half the experience - check out the best tours to travel to wine country from wherever you are staying while you are in town. Full Day Mount Tamborine Winery Tour Got a whole day spare to enjoy the beauty of the hinterland? Our full day Mount Tamborine Winery Tour will fill [...]