Tour Guide Responsibilities

There are so many scenic spots in every country in the world – each place offers a different kind of experience, views and landscapes. These scenic spots can become so compelling that can drive thousands until millions of tourists to stop by and take visit. As a tourist or visitor, we may not be so aware of everything that one place has to offer so there will be a great need for a tour guide to facilitate our visit and give enough information and service on how we can ultimately enjoy one place. The tour guide will assist us where to go and how to get there and give us information about the place so we can fully enjoy our visit or tour.

Our Guides Responsibilities

  • Organise tours by groups or individuals in coaches, cars or on foot
  • Look for an area that can generally be of great interest to a group or a particular group of people
  • Communicate with the group/s or their representative/s about the details of the tour – assembly time and place, destination, accommodation, transportation, immigration concerns (if the tour is set abroad) and costs
  • Arrange the necessary permits or letters of communication to the area of destination before the tour
  • Finalise all the details with the tour group or their representative
  • Offer specialist knowledge on subjects like history, arts and sciences, designs and architecture
  • During the tour, communicate with your tour group in a cheerful and engaging manner
  • Lead the tour group to points of interest and at the same time provide useful and interesting information in whatever medium – written, oral or through electronic presentations
  • Always make sure of the safety and convenience of your tour group
  • Make sure all the members of the tour group follow the schedules set
  • Communicate with the appropriate officials in your tour destination – like the police, medical institution or tour destination officials
  • Make sure of the hotel accommodation in case the tour is scheduled for more than a full working day
  • Make sure that the tour group will be sent home as safely as possible