Movie World New Roller Coaster Update

Youtube member ‘docoaster’ has created an animation showing what could be the layout for the all new coaster coming to Movie World this September. The layout is not real and is purely based off imagery taken and footing positioning, so it isn’t completely accurate, but certainly provides an idea of what we could be expecting.

Be sure to check out ‘docoaster’ channel on YouTube:


Warner Bros. Movie World presents the greatest theme park attraction the Southern Hemisphere has ever seen!

Coming this October the DC Rivals HyperCoaster will be the tallest, longest, fastest and only HyperCoaster in the Southern Hemisphere and will reach speeds of 115km per hour.

Witness some of DC Comics ultimate rivalries before taking off on 1.4 kilometres of track featuring the world’s first non-inverted loop.

Do you have what it takes to ride the ultimate HyperCoaster? Coming this October. Only at Warner Bros. Movie World.

• Rivalling all other roller coasters at 61.6 meters high
• The first non inverting loop in the Southern Hemisphere reaching 40 metres high
• The tallest, the longest and the fastest 1.4km long track
• Reaching speeds of 115km per hour!


WARNER Bros Movie World has announced what they’re calling a “game changer” for Australian theme parks by officially unveiling the ‘DC Rivals HyperCoaster’.

The Gold Coast theme park is billing the ride as the tallest, longest and fastest HyperCoaster of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

When complete in October, the massive roller coaster will travel at speeds up to 115km/h — faster than the speed limit on the nearby M1 Motorway.

The new Movie World HyperCoaster.

Village Roadshows Theme Parks CEO Clark Kirby said the roller coaster was the largest investment the organisation had made and demonstrated the faith the business has in the industry.

It comes as Gold Coast theme parks are experiencing a slump in revenue since the horror accident on a ride a Dreamworld which killed four people in October last year.

Movie World rollercoaster under construction

Mr Kirby said the HyperCoaster, defined by a drop from higher than 61m, was also the most advanced in the Southern Hemisphere.

The fuchsia-coloured construction site had been described as the “worst kept secret” on the Gold Coast because it is seen by thousands of motorists daily.

The new roller coaster under construction at Movie World. Picture by Richard Gosling

The circuit will be 1.5km long and include 335 steel columns and take 3 mins to complete a cycle.

The German designed and made HyperCoaster will also include a non-inverted loop where participants will stay upright in the cars as they spiral through a loop.

Movie World’s new HyperCoaster layout revealed. Photo: Supplied


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