Tamborine Mountain – The Green Behind The Gold

Tamborine Mountain

The waterfalls are flowing, the creeks are bubbling, and cool clear days with lots of sunshine greet the visitor. All roads to the mountain are open. There is a clearly signposted detour in place to circumvent the flood damaged Munitz Causeway near Oxenford, adding only 10 minutes to your scenic drive using Reserve Road. We look forward to your visit!

It is hard to put in words the beauty and tranquility of the Tamborine Mountain plateau (also often referred to as Tambourine Mountain, Mount Tamborine, Mt Tamborine, or Tambourine Mtn), located only 30kms from the Gold Coast and 70kms from Brisbane.

At every turn you will encounter breathtaking scenery and views, abundant wildlife and clean mountain air. Also a strong cottage industry including many local arts and crafts, a host of natural and man-made attractions, award winning wineries and top-class restaurants, country markets, festivals and events, a whole host of accommodation choices including romantic couples’ cottages and B&Bs await you on Tamborine Mountain.


Tamborine Mountain Vineyards

Tamborine Mountain is home to some award winning vineyards including Cedar Creek Estate, Mason Wines, Heritage Wines, Witches Falls, Castle Glen and Mt Tamborine Vineyard & Winery.
Each with their own unique blends

One of the main reasons why close to 1 Million people visit Tamborine Mountain boasts 7 wineries offering a huge variety of wines – whites, reds, sparkling, fortified and everything in between. Add to that some fantastic beers from the “Fortitude Brewing Co” located at the lower roundabout of Gallery Walk or spirits from the world-famous “TM Distillery” – and a unique and exciting tasting experience awaits you on Tamborine Mountain!


Galley Walk

The famous “Gallery Walk“ boasting over 60 art, craft, gift and nick-knack shops lures thousands of visitors to Tamborine Mountain every year! From fine art to culinary delights, you will find something to suit all tastes and budgets in this fascinating stretch of fun shopping!

We have below listed these shops on two pages – Gallery Walk West and – Gallery Walk East.  You will find all businesses located on each side of Gallery Walk in geographical order, listed from North to South.

You can also click on either side of the image below, taken from the “Tamborine Mountain Visitor Guide and Map Booklet 2017”.

Gallery Walk, Tamborine Mountain, Tourist Attractions, Shopping

Cedar Creek Rock Pools

Image result for cedar creek falls mt tamborine

Cedar Creek Rock Pools are a secret – well, they’re supposed to be.  Many people live on the Gold Coast their whole lives without any knowledge of this little diamond of a location.

When the falls are heavy and gushing into the rock pools, the water swirls fast and furious like a cold bubbling spa.  These natural rock pools make for a brilliant swimming location in warmer months.

The rock pools are a glorious way to spend a summers day and many people pack a picnic and make a full day out of it, sunning themselves on the rocks in between swims and nibbles.

The Cedar Creek Falls are at their strongest, and the rock pool at its most spa-like when there have been recent rain falls.

The short but rocky uneven scramble down the rocks to the pools requires care to be taken to avoid slipping – but I found it very worthwhile and look forward to the next trip to this fabulous spot.

Note:  There is parking, picnic tables  and toilets near the parking area.

Tip 1:  On hot days the small car park fills very early in the morning, and you may have to park a few kilometres away if you don’t get there early enough.

Tip 2: Once in the rock pools, be aware that the bottom of the pools is rocky, uneven and slippery – take care.

Tamborine Mountain Winery Tours

A winery tour is one of the best way to see Mt Tamborine it gives you the opportunity to take in the sights on your drive up the mountain, taste the different wines on offer at the wineries and do some shopping on the Gallery Walk. Take a look at some of the options Here

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    I found this article very informative, after living on the Gold Coast for so many years I had no idea that Tamborine Mountain had so much to offer.


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