TOG: The greatest sport of all time

Lawn bowls just got injected with steroids, beer and a little aluminium. Welcome to TINS OF GLORY, a new sport invented by the Balter crew, where the humble tinnie hits centre stage as an implement of mass game action.

The World Tinnie Hurling Championships will debut at Good Beer Week May 17th, where mates pit themselves against mates for the chance to be showered with prizes, beer and glory.
How does it work? Teams of two get 4 tinnies per team and 60 seconds to slide them down a 6m long bench, aiming to get closest to the ‘pleasure zone’ at the end. Highest score progresses to the next round. The winners will receive prizes valued at $2000 and enjoy the prestige of being the first World Champions of possibly the funnest game to ever be played in a bar.
Balter will also be launching a brand new Balter beer on the night, so competitors and spectators alike will be the first to have a taste. It’s a night of groundbreaking proportions!
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