Accessible Tours and Transport

Inclusive Tours

At Pineapple Tours, inclusivity in travel is a core value. While certain destinations and itineraries may naturally lend themselves to accessible travel more than others, we are dedicated to constant improvement and finding ways to enhance the inclusivity of our tours. Our aim is to enable a broader range of travellers to explore diverse cultures, connect with new people, and contribute to the local communities they visit.

Our Approach at Pineapple Tours: We are deeply committed to making travel an accessible experience for all, regardless of ability or disability. This commitment drives us to assist as many individuals as possible in discovering the world, regardless of any physical or mental limitations they may have. We are always open to discussions with travelers with disabilities, aiming to guide them toward the most suitable itinerary for their requirements. Whenever feasible, we make reasonable adjustments to our itineraries or even outsourcing a vehicle to accommodate their needs.

Assessment of Abilities: We recognise that each person’s ability level is unique. This is why we take the time to evaluate whether an existing itinerary is suitable for you or if we need to make reasonable modifications to meet your specific needs before you make a booking.

Completing an existing itinerary involves factors such as being capable of managing your own luggage, using the existing transportation and accommodations (including local transport and lodgings), and being self-sufficient during free time and scheduled activities and meals, without constant supervision or aid from the tour leader.

The more information we have about your abilities, the better equipped we are to assess how we can accommodate you and help you successfully complete the itinerary, either with existing features or with appropriate adjustments.

Personalised Trips for Different Needs

While our existing itineraries aren’t exclusively designed for travellers with disabilities, this doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy one of our small group tours. The feasibility largely depends on your specific requirements and the chosen destination.

We acknowledge that some destinations are more equipped to cater to travellers with disabilities than others. Many places we visit might lack accessible public infrastructure, making it challenging to accommodate travellers with disabilities. However, we make every effort to arrange viable alternatives wherever possible.

For a more personalised approach, you also have the option of speaking to our Bespoke Experiences team, who can craft a customised itinerary that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Customised Itineraries for Inclusivity: Our Bespoke Experiences team specialises in creating customised itineraries and unique departures for a diverse range of travellers, including those with disabilities.

We appreciate your desire to make travel more inclusive and accessible. By actively considering these suggestions, Pineapple Tours can continue to make significant strides in ensuring that your tours are open and enjoyable for everyone, regardless of their abilities or disabilities.