Discovering The Essence Of Sirromet: A Guide To Wine Tours

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Nestled at picturesque Mount Cotton, Sirromet is a testament to visionary entrepreneur Terry Morris. Sparked by a challenge to promote Queensland’s wine reputation, Morris founded Sirromet with a strong desire to produce world-class wines.

Since opening in 2000, the winery has embraced its unique Granite Belt region, combining rich soils, high altitude and a cool climate to craft exceptional wines. Renowned for its environmental commitment, Sirromet integrates sustainable practices into its operations, ensuring each visit is an experience of luxury, quality and respect for nature. Hop on a journey of taste and discovery at this quintessential Queensland destination via a Sirromet wine tour.

Exploring the vines

While the vineyards thrive in the cool climate of the Granite Belt, the state-of-the-art winery is situated at Mount Cotton, just 30 minutes from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. This magnificent setting, surrounded by natural bushland and boasting views over Moreton Bay, provides a visual feast and favourable conditions that contribute significantly to the character and quality of Sirromet’s wines​​.

The classic Sirromet wine tours

Sirromet has a host of wine tastings and tours that provide a comprehensive look at everything the winery has to offer. As of this writing, the standard tasting includes six Sirromet wines, while the tour and tasting package go behind the scenes of the winery to offer insights into the winemaking process. This Sirromet wine tour gives guests an intimate look at an Australian family’s journey to creating one of Queensland’s most famous wine brands​​.

Sirromet soirees — wine events and elegant moments

Besides standard wine tours, Sirromet offers an array of immersive wine experiences that cater to enthusiasts of all levels. One of the signature events is “Twilight in the Vines”, which invites guests to indulge in the sublime beauty of Sirromet’s picturesque setting during the summer — enjoying a seasonal platter paired with fine wines as the sun sets over the vineyard​​.

For those keen to delve deeper into winemaking, they feature a blending and fermenting experience. This is an interactive session for participants to create their personalised blend under the guidance of a sommelier. This hands-on event allows guests to bottle, label and take home their crafted winemaker’s blend — making it a memorable souvenir of their visit​​.

Wine enthusiasts might also enjoy the self-guided “Wine Flights”, offering a chance to sample different characteristics and flavours of Sirromet wines at their leisure. This tasting includes a choice of White, Red, Mixed or Premium wine flights, available daily from the Cellar Door and Tuscan Terrace​​.

In addition to these, Sirromet offers seasonal and special occasion tours highlighting the winery’s innovative spirit and adaptability. Whether it’s a romantic Valentine’s Day tour complete with gourmet chocolates and wine or a harvest festival celebrating the vineyard’s bounty, Sirromet ensures each visit is a unique, memorable experience.

They also provide educational tours focusing on sustainable viticulture and wine production techniques, perfect for those looking to deepen their understanding of the environmental impact and innovation behind each bottle. These various tours and experiences showcase the diversity and quality of Sirromet’s offerings. There’s something to suit every palate and interest.

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Sirromet Winery isn’t just a destination — it’s an experience that marries the art of winemaking with the beauty of Queensland’s landscapes. From the tranquil tastings to the educational winery tours, each visit promises a blend of discovery and delight.

As you plan your next escape or special occasion, let Pineapple Tours be your guide to the exquisite world of Sirromet. Contact us today to book your tour and immerse yourself in the flavours, stories and beauty of one of Queensland’s premier wineries.