Sustainable Tourism Queensland

We are excited to announce that Pineapple Tours has achieved accreditation for Sustainable Tourism through the Quality Tourism Framework. This includes our renowned Hop on Hop off Experiences.

The Sustainable Tourism Accreditation, implemented by the Australian Tourism Industry Council, is awarded to tourism businesses that create high-quality, engaging, and memorable visitor experiences that address the changing global trend of experiential tourism.

Our team at Pineapple Tours has continuously demonstrated a commitment to sustainability through our social, environmental, and economic business practices. Here’s how we are implementing sustainable practices within our business:

Environmental Commitments

At Pineapple Tours, we strive to promote sustainability through education and action. Our initiatives include:

  • Going paperless wherever possible and using an online booking process
  • Recycling all paper, cardboard, wood, metals, bottles, plastics, packaging, and cans
  • Using natural lighting in our offices, LED in our vehicles, and solar energy where feasible
  • Encouraging guests and staff to turn off lights, air conditioners, and heaters when not in use
  • Avoiding the use of disposable plastic items, such as straws and plates
  • Utilising neutral cleaning products and recycled content materials
  • Installing water-saving devices on taps and showers, and training staff to report leaks
  • Adopting a ‘buy local’ policy to support the local economy and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Educating Tourists about our Leave only Footprints Philosophy
Rainforest Skywalk Tamborine Mountain

Social and Cultural Commitments

In addition to our environmental efforts, Pineapple Tours is dedicated to supporting the local community through various social and cultural initiatives:

  • Supporting local businesses by maintaining a strong ‘buy local’ policy
  • Recruiting staff from within the community and providing opportunities for unskilled workers and those returning to the workforce
  • Offering affordable tour experiences through a range of options
  • Investing in our employees with professional development in cultural awareness and customer service.
  • Promoting local attractions and events to our guests, enhancing their experience and supporting the local tourism industry
  • Partnering with local businesses such as entertainers for events, food vans, and local clubs
  • Ensuring our tours are accessible, safe, and inclusive for all guests

We are proud of these commitments and invite you to experience the sustainable and enriching tours we offer at Pineapple Tours.