Gin Blending Class


Tour Description

Get your creative juices flowing during an informative and interactive Gin Blending Classat Tamborine Mountain’s very own Cauldron Distillery.

❖ Do you enjoy creating recipes in the kitchen?
❖ How good is your palate at detecting flavours?
❖ Can you create a Gin that compares to our award-winning range?

During this 45-minute experience, you will employ a process known as Gin Compounding,a technique used by many distilleries around the world to produce consistent quality gin.Set in our world-class Stillhouse, guided by our distilling team, you will select from amultitude of individually distilled botanicals and skillfully blend them together to create abalanced gin that suits your palate and taste.
How does a gin with orange, sage, and anise sound to you?
Maybe you prefer rose petals, strawberry, and cocoa nibs?
Perhaps your preference is lemon myrtle, macadamia nuts and honey?
The choice will be yours because your gin blend can be as unique as you are!

During this experience we will journey through the foothills of Brisbane or the Gold Coast to Mount Tamborine.

Once on the top you will see rolling green hills founded by the volcanic soil of a dormant volcano and spectacular views from the escarpment over the Scenic Rim. As we move through the valley, your senses will be stimulated by picturesque mountain views, breathtaking landscapes and fresh mountain air.

The Gin Blending Class is an informative and interactive activity tailored to those who want to express their personality in their very own takeaway bottle of handcrafted gin.

You will create your own Unique 200ml bottle of gin using a technique referred to as compounding, a method where a final product is crafted from the careful blending of individually distilled botanicals. Each ingredient has been distilled into its respective spirit on site, ready for tasting and then selection of what combination and quantities you will use to create your unique gin masterpiece.


Juniper is such an important aspect of gin that quite literally, it is not only the primary botanical used in gin but by law, it needs to be the predominant flavour in anything seeking to be classified as gin. The aroma and taste of juniper is – or at least should be – the signature note in any gin, both on the nose and on the palate. Even the name Gin itself is derived from the Dutch jenever which mean juniper.

Juniper berries have an unmistakable flavour – piney notes from Alpha-pinene, which forms between 40 and 45% of the aroma molecules in juniper. Sabinene (herbaceous) and other molecules include Limonene (citrus), Farnesene (floral) are found in lesser quantities.

Juniper plants belong to the cypress family and are shrubs that vary in size and shape, are evergreen and are usually low spreading bush type plants. They are endemic to many areas of the northern hemisphere and nowadays are commercially harvested from alpine regions of many countries including Macedonia, Greece, Albania, and North America.


Our guides are well-trained, efficient, entertaining and love sharing their knowledge of the sights, sounds and history of Tamborine Mountain.

Private Hire Tour – For your group available from Brisbane, Gold Coast & Mt Tamborine

Please call us on 0466331232 or email us at to confirm availability before booking.

* Tour Itinerary may change depending on venue trading days, weddings and functions
* We can customise this tour for your group, venues and pick up/drop off times.
* All dietary requirements can be catered for – please advise at time of booking
* We operate multiple vehicles, and can accommodate larger group bookings – please contact us.


Do you want to experience this tour?

Your tour includes:

Winery Tour and Cocktail Masterclass Includes

  • 45 Minute Gin Blending Class – Plenty of time to stay for a drink afterwards
  • Complimentary G&T on arrival
  • Food Available on site
  • Learn how to blend gin in a working distillery – tasting as you go
  • All ingredients and botanicals
  • Take home your own unique 200ml bottle of Gin
  • Free Club Membership with $10 on us to spend at the bar or bottle shop
  • Scenic lookout along the way
  • Luxury New Vehicles
  • Door to Door Service

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