Hop on Hop off Glow Worm Day Tour from Brisbane


Tour Description

Witness the effects of an innovative conservation effort. We invite you to join us on a guided glow worm tour of a specially constructed cave. We can ensure that guests will have the opportunity to see glow worms because access to the cave is restricted to guided tours in order to protect the glow worms that live here. Do not overlook our frog show! With your glow worm tour, you may visit a self-guided frog and bug display at no additional cost.

Situated in a restored rainforest as a consequence of decades of replanting work on top of Tamborine Mountain. Trained biologists will lead you on a journey along our boardwalk through the jungle and into the glow worm habitat. Here, you can get a close-up encounter with a glow worm and observe its sticky silk threads and glowing body.


Glow worms are dependent on rainforests and wet caves for their continuous survival since they need a home that is perpetually moist. However, due to climate change and human activities, Australia’s rainforest habitats are dwindling. This specially designed glow worm cave at Tamborine Mountain offers the best conditions for glow worms in a controlled habitat, mitigating the effects of human activity.

Pickup Locations:

Brisbane City Hotels and Southbank Hotels

If you’re accomodation is along the main route please let us know and we will try to accomodate.

Tour Highlights

– Get picked up from your hotel and take a quick scenic drive out to the Scenic Rim and Tamborine Mountain

– Visit the Famous Glow Worm caves on Tamborine Mountain

– Learn about the History of Tamborine Mountain through the eyes of a local

– Visit a boutique Winery – $10 extra

– Time for a nice Lunch at Restaurants, cafes and eateries

– Plenty of time for Shopping on the Gallery Walk – Approx 3hrs for lunch and shopping

– Stop at lookouts along the way and enjoy views of the Scenic Rim

Do you want to experience this tour?

Your tour includes:

  • includes, luxury transport, guided experience.

  • Visit the Famous Glow Worm caves on Tamborine Mountain

  • Daytime Tour so no need to go out late at night

  • Drive through Tamborine Mountain National Park

  • Stop for photos at Scenic Lookouts

  • Eco Friendly

  • Hop on Hop off around the Mountain

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