Rage Cage + Beer Tour

a person in gray suit is enjoying his lumber punk axe throwing experience

Tour Description

For Larger Groups it is best to call before booking online.

What the hell is a smash room?? I hear you ask…this is the perfect opportunity to find out….come along see what we do, book a smashtime, or just buy a voucher for another time…we guarantee it’ll be an eye opener…

What is Rage Cage?

Rage Cage is a fun, controlled and safe way to be destructive.  It’s you in a cage with breakables (dinnerware, glassware, ceramics) and a selection of weapons for you to start smashing. There’s something oddly satisfying, fun and downright addictive when you smash something as you’ll discover by time in one of our specially designed break rooms. Each session gets you unlimited time in the break room.  You’ll get 30 a crate of breakables.  The breakables vary from plates, bowl, cups, jars & bottles. On top of your general smash session you can purchase additional smash items such as TVs, printers/microwaves , guitars , we currently have a full size organ for , pinatas , and best selling item the colour smash! You will have a weapons wall.  Weapon selection varies based on what’s not broken on the day.  We have wooden and metal baseball bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks, sledgehammers, cricket bats and even some breakables can be used as weapons.  A safety/rules brief.  This is important to ensure the safety of our breakers.  Please listen and follow all guidelines.

Safety gear.  You’ll be provided with gumboots (please bring your own mid length socks), coveralls, hair net, full faced safety mask, and cut proof gloves.  After this we will quench your hard earned thirsts with a good cold beer and the best cold beer is for you to decide while visiting three of the best craft breweries that Brisbane has to offer.All tours with Pineapple Tours are designed to be fun, relaxed days out and our guides are trained to be part of the group to help you make the most of your experience.

Requirements for bookings:

  • You must be over 18
  • All participants must wear enclosed shoes
  • Not intoxicated prior to Rage Cage
  • Not more than 20 weeks pregnant

Do you want to experience this tour?

Your tour includes:

  • Private tour for just your group
  • New luxury vehicles
  • Unlimited rage cage
  • Visit craft breweries
  • Relaxed and fun guides
  • Lunch included
  • Beer tasting at each venue (Premium)

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