Tremendous Things to Do in Mt. Tamborine

Tremendous Things to Do in Mt. Tamborine

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Mount Tamborine is one of those places where you can seek refuge when you’re tired of the cityscape. It is the perfect getaway! Located in the Scenic Rim, in Queensland, Australia and just a 40-minute drive from the Gold Coast, this paradise never runs out of interesting things to do for tourists – even locals – all year round and, best of all, Pineapple Tours can help make the most of this fun-filled location!

How ‘Mount Tamborine’ came to be

How ‘Mount Tamborine’ came to be

It’s best to understand Mt. Tamborine’s history to best appreciate it in all its majestic glory. It all began millions of years ago when Mt. Warning erupted, leaving massive lava and crater rim that eventually formed a plateau. Mt. Tamborine refers to three villages that settled in the area through the years: Mount Tamborine, North Tamborine, and Eagle Heights.

The Aboriginal people, particularly the Wangerriburra of the Yugambeh people, then slowly populated the area. This is where the name Tamborine originated. Its name may be similar to the musical instrument, but the name actually refers to the finger lime trees that are native to the mountain, the “Jambreen”.

8 Things to Do in Mt. Tamborine

8 Things to Do in Mt. Tamborine

To help with your itinerary, we’ve listed a few of the top things to do when visiting Mt. Tamborine.

  • Visit one, two or all of the heritage listings.
  • Have an absolutely incredible time exploring national parks, wildlife, walks, and waterfalls.
  • Relax and enjoy the moment at the Rotary Lookout.
  • Go on a wine-tasting tour.
  • Visit the Jasmin Organic Farms.
  • Ride a hot air balloon.
  • Dare to complete more than 100 challenges at the Tree Top Challenge.
  • Walk along the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk.

1. Visit one, two or all of the heritage listings

With its rich history and culture, it is no surprise that Mount Tambourine has several heritage-listed sites. Some of them include:

  • Geissmann Drive
  • 2-4 Geissmann Street
  • 6-8 Main Street
  • 22 Main Street
  • 386-398 Main Western Road
Geissmann Drive

Also known as the Tamborine Mountain Road, it was built between 1922 to 1925. Its purpose is to connect the community settling in North Tamborine to Tamborine Railway Station. This opened access to more products and tourists, which helped develop the community.

This heritage listing is named after the Geissmann family, who were active personalities in the community and had helped promote Tamborine as a tourist attraction.

2-4 Geissmann Street

The area was formerly the Mount Tamborine Presbyterian Church site that opened on June 20, 1931. The congregation rapidly grew in number and had decided to move to a different location.

6-8 Main Street

The then Mountain Crest Guesthouse is now a private home. During the Inter-War period, it served as a popular tourist destination and has attracted visitors from all over the Brisbane region. It has been praised for its aesthetics which exhibited the Inter-War architecture made of timber and had detailed fenestration.

22 Main Street

This location is known as the Zamia Theatre and was built in 1923 by the Tamborine Public Hall Company. It was considered the only public venue for socialising, together with St. Bernard’s Hotel. To this date, the facility is still being rented out for parties and functions.

386-398 Main Western Road

386-398 Main Western Road is also called The Tamborine Showgrounds and Hall. It was established in 1928 by The Tamborine Agricultural and Horticultural Society; however, the hall, which is known as the Soldier’s Memorial Pavilion, was only built in 1930.

2. Have an absolutely incredible time exploring national parks, wildlife, walks, and waterfalls

Bring out your adventurous side to be one with nature while at Mt. Tamborine. Here are some great trekking options for you:

  • Macdonald Rainforest Circuit
  • The Sandy Creek Circuit (Knoll Section)
  • Cedar Creek Falls
Trekking at Macdonald Rainforest Circuit

Known for its quiet track away from swarms of tourists, the Macdonald Rainforest Circuit only takes half an hour to tread. The path is easy and levelled, and frequented by different kinds of avian, making it ideal for birdwatchers.

Trekking the Sandy Creek Circuit (Knoll Section)

This path showcases a beautiful view of Flinders Peak and Brisbane. Sandy Creek Circuit is child-friendly and is relatively easy to complete, however, there are a few cliff edges that require the kids’ supervision. The circuit passes through breathtaking rainforests and transition forests, making it excellent for nature photography.

Trekking to Cedar Creek Falls

Cedar Creek Falls is the ideal place for those looking for a quick trek and relaxing swim. There are three accessible rock pools, with the top one as the deepest. Children can sit around and paddle only on the ledge. Although relatively easy, the trek is not suitable for strollers and wheelchairs.

3. Relax and enjoy the moment at the Rotary Lookout

By taking the Main Western Road, you can find the perfect romantic spot where a blanket and bottle of wine is an absolute necessity. The place features a postcard view of the sunset, paired with the best feeling of tranquillity that is best shared with a significant other.

4. Go on a wine-tasting tour

Wine is also a great highlight when going to Tambourine Mountain. Upon joining the day-long wine-tasting tours, tourists are privileged to visit around four wineries and taste up to 10 different wines per location. The most common wineries include:

  • Mount Tambourine Brewery
  • Mason Wines
  • Witches Falls Winery
  • Cedar Creek Vineyard and Winery
  • Queensland Wine Centre.

Pineapple Tours offers half-day and full-day winery tours, premium private winery tours, and more.

5. Visit the Jasmin Organic Farms

For tourists interested in the business of skincare, the Jasmin Organics Farm offers more than just a tour of their factory. Visitors are also treated to delicious food and lush gardens.

6. Ride a hot air balloon

One of the most popular experiences among tourists to Mount Tamborine is the Hot Air Balloon Ride. This is almost a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a champagne breakfast while floating in the sea of clouds.

7. Dare to complete more than 100 challenges at the Tree Top Challenge

The Tree Top Challenge is made for the adrenaline junkies who crave a taste of extreme adventure. One of its highlights is the Canyon Flyer, the largest zipline in Australia. You can also access over six courses at the High Ropes Adventure Park. Aside from these, there are over 100 more challenges for daredevils looking for a wild ride!

8. Walk along the Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk

Be engulfed in the beauty of nature by wandering across the canopy, 30m above the valley. The walk descends moderately to the lower canopy, to the rock pools. This activity lasts for an hour.

Pineapple Tours and Mount Tamborine

Pineapple Tours and Mount Tamborine

If you want a worry-free visit to Mount Tamborine and immerse in what the place has to offer, Pineapple Tours offers personalised experiences. Whether you prefer a day of adventure or relaxation, or the best of both worlds, we’ll help plan your tour! Contact our team on 0466331232 or email your enquiries to Alternatively, click here to send us an online message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.